Density Gradient Media

Density Gradient Media – OptiPrep, NycoPrep, LymphoPrep, PolymorphPrep, Nycodenz

PROGEN offers a range of iodinated density gradient media developed by Axis Shield which are in compliance with FDA and EU cGMP standards and regulatory requirements: OptiPrep, NycoPrep, LymphoPrep, PolymorphPrep, Nycodenz.

Much of modern cell and molecular biology relies on the isolation of pure, functionally intact populations of cells, subcellular organelles and macromolecules in high yield and both research and clinical applications provide an impetus for the development of improved separation technology. The media are used for the purification not only of cells and organelles but also membrane vesicles, viruses, proteins, nucleic acids and lipoproteins.

The density gradient media are

  • proven to be non-toxic,
  • have a low osmolality and
  • are sufficiently dense to permit the purification of all types of biological particles.

PROGEN offers the following Density Gradient Media for separating and fractionating of cells and cellular organelles